New Website Launch In May 2016

Nitro lift has come a long way in selling their famous and effective stainless steel gas strut that is mainly catering gas struts Australia but can also accommodate orders worldwide such as in car gas struts UK and gas struts America. Initially available on Ebay, Nitro lift is now diversifying its availability by putting up its own online store. This way, Nitro Lift can now offer more competitive prices for normal car struts and even for heavy duty gas struts online.

In the new online store, customers can easily find their needed gas springs whether bonnet or tailgate struts as they have a streamlined search function by car manufacturer through its make and model. To top it all, each product has its own image posted on the online store for the customers to check its appearance and they don’t need to actually see the product itself.

Nitro lift has been initially selling all their products on Ebay, and now with putting up their own online store, more reach can be catered as more competitive price is offered as shipping is now offered from $9.95 to any point of Australia and a reasonable shipping fee for countries such as the US and UK. And through this new online store as well, the option for direct purchases for bonnet struts is now offered will be easier for customers as they don’t need to worry about putting up an Ebay account in buying industrial gas struts because they can now go directly to the new online store and contact Nitro Lift with ease.