Get the Best Gas Springs in Australia for Your Car

Modern day cars come with many features and using the right type of gas springs in your car will enhance its utility many times. These come as self contained devices and have a gas component filled at high pressure along with a little amount of oil. Usually Nitrogen gas is used in these type of gas springs and it is designed in such a way that the oil and gas pass inside a hardened cylinder and give an equalized amount of pressure for a smooth movement to the bonnet or the tailgate (also known as hood or boot) in your car.


The oil inside a gas strut is useful in cushioning the outward stroke of the movement of the shaft. This also seals the cylinder in such a way that no gas can escape the gas spring thus maintaining its usability during its entire life time. The gas springs are made to withstand the reverse pressure and remain in the closed position with the shaft of the gas strut facing downwards as your tailgate or bonnet remains in the closed position most of the time.

Our gas springs are made to the highest quality standards so that you get the best service throughout their service life. These gas struts called as bonnet springs and tailgate springs and are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility strictly adhering to the highest possible manufacturing standards.


We follow world class quality standards and our gas springs Australia go through rigorous quality checks assuring the best quality in our product line of hood springs and boot springs, adding comfort and convenience while using your cars. We follow a well defined and standardised manufacturing process using the best components sourced from some of the best manufacturers in Australia.


Our manufacturing process of gas springs proceeds as follows:

1) The process starts with the selection of the right type of chrome hardened shaft and installing the Australian made pistons at the end of the shaft
2) Then seamless tube is cut to the exact length of the shaft and make it ready for installation
3) The shaft and the Australian piston are installed inside the seamless tube
4) By using a computer controlled welding process the end plug is tig welded at controlled speed, overlap and accurately measured distance to get a good finish and best type of welding results
5) A unique process introduces an accurate amount of oil inside the gas spring Australia
6) Then a groove of 1 mm is created at the top of the gas strut
7) A highly leak-proof special Viton hard back Seal and Acetal top cap are installed on the gas strut that give its action and prevents the leakage of gas or oil for a longer life to your gas springs Australia
8) By using a specialized equipment the top of the gas spring is rolled over retaining the top cap and the seal in place
9) With the use of the specially designed pressure equipment each of the gas springs Australia gets the exact amount of pressure for longer life and smoother performance
10) After this as a finishing process the gas springs Australia are painted and powder coated for an attractive look and longer surface life.

Thus, our Gas Springs in Australia are manufactured to very high quality standards and this assures the longest life and best performance.


Our gas springs made in Australia are used in many of the brands of cars you use in the present days. Apart from using as bonnet springs and tailgate springs in cars our gas springs are also used in caravans and boats and thus we cater to a wide range of industries that are all in need of high quality springs. You have to be careful while selecting your gas struts as the N force of it is the deciding factor based on which you have to select the right one for your car, caravan or boat. This determines the amount of weight that gas spring is designed to lift.

Be aware that the N value of your Gas strut changes with temperature so the N value on a cold morning will be different than that on a hot afternoon. You have to bear this in mind while selecting your car gas springs. Usually the gas springs that you use come with a pressure range of 500 psi to 5000psi and those with 2000 psi are mostly in use. A gas spring will normally last 3 to 7 years depending on how they are mounted, temperature, quality of seal, and purity of Nitrogen.


The main components of struts are . . .

1 Cold drawn seamless hydraulic tube

High grade Aluminium is also used with Struts under 500 ā€˜Nā€™.

2 Shaft with a finish of salt nitride or chrome hardened

With 25 years of experience we prefer chrome hardening where possible as it will. Outlast salt nitride 2 to 1 especially in high pressure where a seal can quickly wear through the hard casing of salt nitride.

3 Seals which can be 3 different types, each having their own benefits

Three common types are Viton, Nitrile and Poly Euro thane as they do not react strongly to oil or Nitrogen. Our struts use the best quality Viton seals, which is less effected by temperature.

4 Pistons which can be steel Aluminum or Poly carbonate

A gas spring will normally last 3 to 7 years depending on how they are mounted, temperature, quality of seal, and purity of Nitrogen.