Gas Strut Melbourne Experts

Your Gas Strut Melbourne Experts

If you are looking for the gas strut Melbourne experts who provide the highest quality in car struts, gas springs, and heavy duty gas struts, look no further than Nitro Lift.

Who are Nitro Lift?

We started back in 1992 as Gas Strut Recharge. Today, we have changed our name to Nitro Lift and currently there are 21 franchises across Australia. We are the gas strut experts that design, create, and powder coat our products for maximum quality. Plus, we take pride that our company is fully owned and operated by Australians. Our franchises purchase from our line of high quality gas, bonnet, and tailgate struts. You can find a wide range of struts that make the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Inside the Design of Our Gas Struts Melbourne

Our line of gas struts range from 140mm up to 2.6 meters and can lift upwards of 2/3rds a ton. Our production facilities allow our company to produce over 12,000 every year and we import struts from overseas that meet our strict requirements.  Only the best materials are used to make gas struts Australia struts that individuals and businesses can count on for their daily autmobile needs.

Over the past quarter-century, our chrome-hardened steel struts have supplied nearly every major car dealer, workshop, trailer caravan, and manufacturers of trailers in the country mostly for bonnet boots and tailgates. Plus, we cover our products with a warranty that has only been used .002% of the time thanks to the high quality of our work.


How our Struts are Manufactured

We take pride in creating the best in gas struts starting with installing the pistons on the end of chrome-hardened shafts. The seamless tube is then cut into exact lengths and the shaft and piston, which is made in Australia, is inserted into the tube.

Each end plug is electronically tig welded in an even fashion that uses computer controlled speeds so that the seal is firm and holds up for many years. A precise amount of oil is then inserted into the strut so that it flows evenly. With a 1mm grove on the top, the special Viton hard back seals and Acetal top cap are then inserted. The top is rolled over to retain the top cap and seal thanks to our specialized equipment. Each gas strut is then pressurized and tested before paint or a powder coating is added to protect against corrosion.


Why Our Gas Struts are the Best!

The main difference between standard shock absorbers and our gas struts Melbourne residents and businesses have been using for 25 years is the pressure is much higher in the strut which in turn holds up longer in supporting your vehicle.

Our struts have been tested in salt spray and in over 50,000 operations to ensure that they hold up against wear and tear. Plus, we back our gas struts with a 12 month warranty and full replacement guarantee. You can order our struts direct from our warehouse and they can be tracked via email.

If you are looking to purchase the best gas strut, gas sprints, and heavy duty gas struts, then Nitro Lift offers the best in gas struts Australia residents can trust all for a low, affordable price. Order today and feel the difference that our struts deliver to your vehicle.