Why do gas struts fail?

The Cylinder of the Gas Strut is filled with high pressure Nitrolift gas.  Nitrolift is an inert gas and makes up 70% of the Earths atmosphere. A small amount of the gas will leak out over time leaving the strut with insufficient pressure to lift the weight that it is attached to. We recharge the Gas Strut with Nitrolift back to its original pressure so that the Strut works as it did when it was new.

Is recharging successful?

We can recharge any Gas Strut.  Sometimes the Strut is damaged or the seal is worn. We check this before attempting to recharge the Strut. If a new strut is required we can supply a replacement at a very reasonable price.

Cost of recharging compared to new struts.

Many Gas Struts are specific to a particular type of vehicle and if you were to buy them as genuine spare parts the cost can run into hundreds of dollars. We can recharge your struts for a fraction of that cost.

I am nowhere near your location.

No problem. We deliver our parts throughout all of Australia and even most places in the world, with many customers also from the United States and the UK.

Why do we use Nitrolift Gas?

Nitrolift Gas is recognised as the safest to use in Gas struts and Hydraulic systems. Nitrolift is an inert gas which means it will not burn or support combustion, react with metal or cause corrosion to the internal parts of the Gas Strut. This is why Nitrolift is also used to inflate Aircraft tyres.

Is Nitrolift registered for GST?

Yes. Nitrolift can issue and supply tax an invoice showing GST for all brand new items purchased in compliance with the laws of Australia. Tax invoices will only be issued prior to despatch, upon request.