The Best Choice in Australia for Gas Struts Sydney

The Best Choice in Australia for Gas Struts Sydney

Who are we

GAS-STRUTS-MAZDA-6-HATCH-LUXURY-SPORTS-1Nitrolift is a fully owned and operated Australian company that deals with gas struts Sydney. Over the past 25 years we have supplied every Major car dealers with our struts which means what we do in the market is top quality work. Our gas struts Sydney are designed and made by us making them hand crafted pieces that are not just imported from nearby countries. Nitrolift started in 1992 as a gas strut recharge industry that ended up with over 21 franchises in Australia. All franchises have now become autonomous but still purchase struts from us.

What we do

The business has now expanded into manufacturing over 12 thousand struts, and all created at our workshop while using a strict manufacturer agreement. Our gas struts are sizes 140mm to 2.6 meters and most of the chrome is hardened by a polishing steel machine that comes from Belgium. We have a warranty return or replacement rate of 0.002% considering all our struts have been tested in salt spray with over 50,000 operations making them the most durable heavy duty gas struts in Sydney.

Our customers, and what people think

Our main customers are car dealers, mechanical workshops and not to mention caravan and trailer manufacturers ( where the struts have been used mainly for bonnets and tailgates). People have been asking what is the difference between car struts and shock absorbers, well firstly shock absorbers are for car wheels and ensuring a smooth ride and the pressure in gas struts is much higher than shock absorbers.


How we manufacture our products

Our gas struts are built by first installing Australian made pistons on the end of a chrome hardened shaft. Then, a seamless tube is cut into exact lengths like one would use an exacto knife for cutting particular parts of paper. After that, the shaft is installed into the tube. A tig welding electric plug is placed at the end using computer controlled speed, and finished with a very even penetrating weld. Once a very exact amount of oil is placed into the strut which has a 1mm grove in the stop. A special viton hard black seal and acetal hard cap are then inserted, and then the top is rolled over to retain the top cap and seal with our specialized equipment. Every strut is pressurized to exact requirements with our own specially designed equipment. The result is a a painted or powdered gas strut tested salt spray and tested in over 50,000 operations.

The reason to buy our products

Hood struts, boot struts, and any other type of car strut can be built by us. All our gas struts Sydney are high quality and brand new with a 12 month warranty that includes a full replacement. Any deliveries will be registered with tracking via email. A consignment number will be sent to an email address from Australia post, and you will be notified when goods leave our warehouse. So, the warranty is great, the product is done to perfection, and there is the ability to keep track of your purchase which makes receiving your brand new car struts all that much better.

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