Nitrolift High Quality Gas Struts in Perth

Nitrolift High Quality Gas Struts in Perth

Looking for high quality gas struts in Perth? You’re in luck: Here at Nitro Lift, our first commitment is to quality. Since we got our start as one of Gas Strut Recharge’s 21 successful, now-independent franchises in 1992, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing peerless car struts and gas springs to Australia. But don’t take our word for it: Let the fact that all of Gas Strut Recharge’s other locations still purchase their struts from us speak for itself. Or you could review our ever-expanding list of clients; over the past 25 years we have supplied nearly every major car dealer with our struts. If you have ever had the pleasure of lifting the bonnet on a Mercedes, chances are good that one of our bonnet struts was there to help.


Our heavy duty gas struts are made with the finest chrome-hardened, machine-polished Belgian steel and promise a very high heat tolerance. We manufacture our own gas struts, being a fully Australian-owned and operated company; both our gas struts and their brackets are designed by us and made by us before being powder-coated for optimum quality. We also offer a wide range of gas strut sizes: From 140mm to 2.6 meters (the latter being able to lift an amazing 2/3 of a ton) and we are able to produce in excess of 12 thousand struts annually (in addition to imported struts from overseas, manufactured under our strict agreement).


All of our struts are manufactured with the best quality of seal available and have been tested in over 50,000 operations, including testing with salt spray. Though we offer a 12-month warranty and full replacement guarantee, our dedication to the best quality on the market today means that we can boast a warranty return or replacement rate of less than 0.002%.

In addition to working with the automotive industry, we gladly provide tailgate struts and bonnet struts for mechanical workshops and caravan and trailer manufacturers. All of our deliveries to clients will be registered and come with tracking (a consignment number will be provided to you via email from Australia Post when the goods leave our warehouse).

How Do We Manufacture Our Gas Struts Australia?

Don’t get gas struts confused with shock absorbers; our gas struts are made for car hoods & boots / bonnets & tailgates of most motor vehicles, not to mention also for agricultural equipment (tractors etc.), caravans, buses, air crafts, office chairs, trailers and industrial equipment.  Gas struts offer a vastly superior pressure level and are manufactured using the following process:

1. We install our Australia-made pistons on the end of a chrome hardened shaft;
2. We cut a perfect, seamless tube into exact lengths;
3. We install a shaft and Australia-made piston into the tube;
4. An end plug is meticulously electronically tig-welded to the strut, using computer-controlled speed, overlap, and distance, to finish with a flawlessly even penetrating weld each time;
5. We insert just the right amount of oil into the strut, then add a tiny 1mm groove;
6. We place special viton hard back seals and acetal top caps into the strut and roll over it with our specialized equipment to retain the top cap and seal;
7. We pressurize each strut to our own exacting requirements with our bespoke in-house equipment, then finally, we:
8. Finish the strut with a coat of paint or powder, making every strut that leaves our warehouse a thing of durable, gleaming beauty.

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